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Transmission - =DK=DarkSoul 14:50 SEPT 22 2009

So Microsoft decided to end the free domain program. The new website will be moved to http://drakni.atspace.com/, and the new forum will be at http://drakni.forumotion.net/.

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Transmission - =DK=DarkSoul 23:55 OCT 21 2007

Here's another update! I got us a new forum. The old one is getting spammed constantly by spammers everyday. I thought that it'd be better for us to get a new forum as well, one that is more secured and better looking. The old forums will not be taken down, but I will try to lock it so spammers can't spam there anymore. It'll stay up for archive purposes. The new forum's address is http://drakni.freeforums.org/. Go there and register for a username. I haven't had time to make a new website yet, but I learned some new stuff, and I can probably create a better website before StarCraft 2 comes out.

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Transmission - =DK=DarkSoul 11:46 SEPT 22 2007

Good news! In preparation of Starcraft 2, I got us a new website address: www.dragon-knights.net. I might be making a new website for the clan when Starcraft 2 comes out. I made this one in Sept 1998, just 9 years ago. It looked pretty good back in the days, but now it is pretty old and outdated. The problem is that I have not improved my website skills from 10 years ago, so I don't know if I can put up anything better. I might have to go learn some new stuff. Of course I'm leaving dragonk.itgo.com up as well, just in case something goes wrong with the new site. But the new site doesn't have annoying ads and pop-ups, so it is definitely better. And I just realized that if you view the website with Firefox, the crappy hidden border colors somehow show up. Anyways, the music that ricky put up can be annoying sometimes. If you want to stop it, just click stop in the internet explorer and the music would stop.

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Transmission - =DK=DarkSoul 19:34 JUL 5

Warcraft III expansion The Frozen Throne is finally out. There are quite a few people in the clan that got that already. I'm planning to get it too within the next week or so. So we've created our Clan on B.NET two days ago. So if you have wc3 and need me to add you to the clan on B.NET, give me a message on aim. It should feature clan ladders and tournaments so it should be pretty interesting. To access the clan profile on B.NET click here. Veng is also back for WC3, I think he might stay around and play with us.

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Transmission - =DK=DarkSoul 22:46 MAR 26

Warcraft III expansion beta has began awhile ago, a few members were chosen, xve, bahace, prankster, and now me. I think I'll begin to try to recruit new members for Warcraft 3 since the expansion gives a really good clan support. With ranks within bnet, tourneys, home channel and all kinds of new features. Seems pretty interesting and would really get the clan active once again. If you got the beta, post it on the board that you got it and tell me your account name.

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Transmission - =DK=DarkSoul 21:15 JUL 29

Ok Warcraft III is out and we recruited some new members for it. I hope that many of you will be getting the game really soon. We are currently recruiting once again. Should be expecting a tourney once we get a bit more members. Rick is going to be on a ship really soon I think. As you have notice that I don't update the main page often, it's too much of a hassle really. Just check the message board for the latest news and stuff. I've heard from =FK=Knight that they are alive and well on USEAST, so if you are bored sometimes and can find no one on USWEST, you can go over there to their channel Clan Falconk.

Transmission Ended

Transmission - =DK=RickHunter 18:32 APR 8th

lol i didnt screw up this time hehe anyway umm yea MUSIC!!! lol tell me what you want added and ill try to do it. UNDER THE POST UPDATES!!! thanx hehe cya later

RickHunter Out

Transmission - =DK=DarkSoul 18:00 DEC 17

There'll be a Christmas 2v2 Tournament. Please go to the Dragon Board to sign up. Deadline for sign up is DEC 21, so hurry and sign up if you are planning on playing in it. It'll be a random partner tourney so there'll be a fair chance for everyone. I think the tourney will probably be held on the 27th.

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